Tucson Business Club

This is Tucson's only professional referral group where quality of members is our top priority.  We will not approve an application for membership for someone with a poor reputation, and we remove members if they do not provide exceptional service.  Our reputations are on the line every time we make a recommendation or create an opportunity.  We need to trust the members in our network, which is why we are so focused on quality members.  

We use our collective connections to create introductions, speaking engagements, referrals and other opportunities for each other. We have several chapters to choose from that meet twice a month.  Most of our chapters have a "theme" that serves as the foundation of the members and allows them to refer more business as a result.  Some of the themes we have are "Business to Business, Health Professionals and Real Estate Services".  It's a new, effective and affordable way to generate referrals for any business owner or professional.  

What can you expect as a member?

  • A focus on education. We give our members a competitive advantage on how to generate more referral business. In addition, we share best business practices and expose our members to useful information on relevant topics to the business community.

  • Quality of membership. We surround you with people you can trust. We understand your reputation is on the line every time you make a recommendation.

  • Strong referring partners. Our members focus on creating mutually beneficial relationships by generating referrals, making introductions and creating opportunities for each other.


  • Meet professionals well connected to lots of your potential clients.

  • Grow your client base with quality referrals and higher closure rates.

  • Partner with like kind professionals who you can trust referring your clients to.

  • Learn how to find your strategic connections and maximize on opportunities.

We use our collective connections to market, brand and promote each other.  It's a powerful way to generate business in Tucson.  It works, and we will teach you how! 

We are one of the fastest growing and top producing professional referral groups in Tucson, with proven results. 

Tucson Business Club Annual membership is only $199 a year.

Monthly dues range from $35 to $45 per month depending on the venue, and includes your meals.


Please click here to apply online.