About Tucson Business Club

Originally founded in 2009, TBC started as one chapter with about 20 members.
Within three years, it grew to 11 chapters in Tucson with more than 400 members.

From the very beginning what separated TBC from every other group was the firm commitment to only bring in the very best service providers into the network. We hold true to that standard to this day. 

Tucson Business Club coordinated the very first BIG Networking Event, bringing together members of virtually all of the Chambers of Commerce, Business related Trade Associations and Nonprofits to meet at one place, at one time and build relationships.

The BIG Networtking Event sold out every year for 8 consecutive years. 

In 2014, TBC realized there were now hundreds of groups in Tucson, the market was completely saturated. To further separate ourselves from the competition, we launched the first and only strategic niche referral groups focused on markets like B2B Commercial Referrals, Healthcare Organizations, Luxury Services and Residential Real Estate Services. 

Today, TBC continues to to be an industry leader and top producing professional referral group in Tucson. 

Play the short video and you will see how
TBC is different from EVERY other group in Tucson