A member saw a facebook post about a people who had a poartial fire at their house.  They made a referral on the Facebook threadpost which generated a referral in excess of $100,000 for our member!  Social Media is a great tool members use to generate business. 

Our top referring member generated in excess of $1.3 million dollars in closed business generated for members of his group for the year.  That is about $50K at every meeting!

Our members created in excess of 38 speaking opportunities for each other last year.  Some of the organizations we presented for were:  SAHBA, SCORE, NARI, United Way, University of Phoenix, ASA, BBB, ASBA and more.  Speaking is a great way to generate business.  Nice job!

Congratulations to ALL of our members who won their categories outright, or were listed as reader favorites.  Our members were mentioned 23 times in the 28 possible categories we have represented in the network. That means our members were mentioned in 82% of the categories we could have been listed in.  GREAT job!

Our members created opportunities for television and radio interviews  for each other.  In addition there were opportunities for members to write editorial content for various publications in the Tucson area.  The power of the group comes from the opportunities we create outside the room for our members.

Kudos to ALL of our members for this one!  Our average chapter closed in excess of $1.2 million in business last year.  That is more than 4x's the business generated by the average chapter of our largest competitor.  Nice job everyone!

A handyman moved to Tucson and did not know anyone. His phone was NOT ringing, so he joined one of our chapters.  Two years later he closes in excess of $200,000 in referrals from the network.  Referrals are a powerful way to grow your business.   

We do a good job of connecting members to their "Strategic Partners", because these partners can send them streams of business!  We connected the Glass Company, Collision Center, Plumber and Restoration Companies in our network with several Insurance Agents who can refer business from their incoming claims calls.