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Why Are Referrals So Good?

Why Are Referrals So Good?

Consumers trust recommendations from people they know.  

Direct referrals have a much higher closure rate than business generated from other marketing efforts.  In addition, people who do business by referral typically will not price shop your services.  Often times you are the only one they will call. 

When you build your business by referral, business comes to you organically, without much effort or investment on your part.  The acquisition cost per client is much less than other marketing channels.  The time it takes to convert the referral into a client is also less, so all of your marketing efficiencies are improved when you generate referral business.  All this translates into increased profitability for your business.   

Finally, consumers who come to you by referral are typically strong referring partners.  They do business by referral for a reason, and find great value by doing business with quality service providers.  Birds of a feather flock together.  They typically know other people who do business they same way they do, by referral.  Do a great job, and you will turn your clients into your sales force!



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The BIG Networking Event

The BIG Networking Event 2015

The 8th annual BIG Networking Event on  October 28th was incredible.  More than 700 business owners and service providers attended the collaborative event, which was promoted by sixteen (16) Business Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Media Partners.  The BIG Event is an annual event where the promoting organizations invite their members and clients to come together, make connections, build relationships and generate business together.  It is a way for the respective organizations to say "thank you" to their respective members.  This is certainly one of the must attend events of the year!  


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Cool Options for Business

Cool Organizations for Any Business

SCORE is a non-profit and part of the SBA.  SCORE provides FREE business mentoring to any business, and can help on virtually any topic from social media to website design and SEO.  Score also offers a variety of very affordable workshops on topics ranging from how to identify and prioritize niche markets, using LinkedIn to get past the gatekeeper, building strategic partnerships, doing business with the government and MANY more.  For more information, check out the SCORE website or call 505-3636.  

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona gives your business credibility from a consumer's perspective.  In addition, several business owners in Tucson are talking about how their membership in the BBB has generated business from two different sources.  First, consumers moving to Tucson do not know anyone, so they often contact the BBB for recommendations of various service providers.  In addition, the BBB member webpage carries a lot of weight with search engines like Google, so often that page shows up when consumers are looking for services.  If you would like to find out the BBB can help your business, call them at 888-5353.  


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Upcoming Events

Commercial Referral Exchange

Join us for lunch at Vivaces on Wednesday, January 6th from 11:30 - 1:30.  The room will be full of professionals who deal exclusively with business owners, executives and decision makers.  If you provide service in the B2B sector, this lunch is for you!  Bring about 30 business cards and polish your 30-second commercial.  Click her for more information and to RSVP.


Health Care Referral Exchange

Join us for breakfast at Atria Campana Del Rio on Tuesday, January 19th from 9:00 - 10:30.  The room will be full of professionals who work almost exclusively with senior citizens who are in some sort of transition.  If you provide a service to seniors in transition, this is the breakfast for you!  Bring about 40 business cards with you.  Click here for more information and to RSVP.


MasterMind Sessions

We will meet once a month for three months, with three meetings total, beginning in January. There will be 10-15 participants at each meeting to discuss relevant business challenges they each face.  The group will focus their collective energy on solving these challenges, developing solutions and holding each other accountable. Click here for  more information and to RSVP.


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Looking For A Good Referral Group?

Looking For A Good Referral Group?

The Tucson Business Club is a local, professional referral organization with five separate chapters in Tucson. We focus of recruiting top service providers, and teaching them to be strong referring partners.  


TBC has specific groups specially designed to generate referrals for:

  • Healthcare
  • Luxury Services
  • B2B Commercial Referrals
  • Real Estate Related Services


The amount of closed business per chapter is approximately $1.2 million each year, which is significantly higher than most competing referral groups in Tucson.  Membership cost is less than $2 a day, which includes all of your meals.  

If you are looking for a quality group of dedicated referring partners,  submit your application today.  We are so confident in our results, we offer a Twelve Month (12) 100% Money Back Guarantee.  TBC is the ONLY referral group in Tucson that guarantees their results.  Click the image to the right or this link to see the Written Guarantee

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Newspaper Article

Click this link to see recent articles about networking.  This article talks about networking tips that will help you generate more referrals, improve your conversion rates and increase profitability too!

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