There are cool networking videos with tips and tricks to help you generate referral business. Tucson Business Club has some great networking tips in the videos. 

There are dozens of different business trade associations and referral groups you can join.  Tucson did not need another option, so why does Tucson Business Club even exist?  Watch the video and you will see why we are the only one who does what we do.  

This 18 minute video might just change your life.  You may want to watch it several times.  Once you dial it in and figure out your why, you will see things in a completely different way.  It will make it easy to find loyal customers and generate lots of new business.

Short animated video about Lisa, a business owner who was looking for a few good networking tips.  She came across this video with 10 tips that have worked VERY well for many people at Tucson Business Club.  

Buying Local helps create jobs, and provides tax revenue for schools, roads, police / fire protection and other things we need.  At TBC, we are ALL about supporting each other!

SCORE has 40+ volunteers that donate their time to give you FREE advice and mentoring.  Many of our volunteers are young, working professionals. 

Here is Anna in a short animated video.  She joined the wrong networking group and found it was a waste of time.  Then she saw a difference in Tucson Business Club.

In this animated video we talk about the foundation of a good network.  Trust and reciprocation are the main points here.     

See why testimonials are such a powerful way of generating business! 

Short video explaining why referrals are such a GREAT way to generate business.  High closure rates, profitability and much more!


Another short video from Simon Sinek on building trust.  He's a pretty sharp guy!

Short animated video explaining the B2B Commercial Referral Group here in Tucson.  If you seel products to businesses, you should watch this.  

Cool animated video from Steven Johnson.  He talks about "Where Good Ideas Come From".  If you ever had a great idea and it has not developed yet, you might get something from this one.  Love the last line:  "Chance favors the connected mind".