Health Professional Network

We are a group of professionals who provide various services to Senior's who are in any transition, and to their families.  Membership is reserved for the very "Best of the Best". There is no fee to be a member. The primary requirement of membership is consistent positive feedback from both the client, and the referring partner. 

As long as you primarily serve the Senior population, and your reputation is stellar, there is no cost to be a member. Even the meals are free.  If you provide services to Seniors, but they are not your primary source of business, there is a $199 annual fee to be part of this group, but the meals are still free.  We only want the very best of the best to refer our clients to.   

As a member, we have all made the following commitments to each other:

  1. Take exceptional Care of ALL referrals from members of the group.
  2. Make it a commitment to attend monthly meetings on a regular basis.
  3. Help other members generate business and share best business practices.
  4. Invite ONLY the very best people you know to be part of this group. ***

*** Membership is By Invitation Only.  We only allow one person per profession in the group.  Please confirm there is an opening prior to inviting anyone.  Contact Bill Nordbrock - 481-5505 to confirm.    .

Membership can be terminated immediately if a member fails to fulfill the commitments above.  





We have The Following Services Represented in the Group

  • Active Retirement Community
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Elder Support
  • Emergency Alert Systems
  • Estate Planning Attorney
  • Estate Sales
  • Private Fiduciary
  • Industrial Fiduciary
  • Financial Advisor
  • Health Care Consultant
  • Hearing Healthcare
  • Home Health Care (non-medical)
  • Medical Facility Website and SEO
  • Medical Transportation
  • Memory Care
  • Mortuary
  • Moving Company
  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Personal Chef for Seniors
  • Realtor
  • Retirement Community Business Consultant
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Senior Computer Training
  • Independent Living Facility
  • Senior Nutrition
  • Senior Placement Agent
  • Senior Transition Coordinator
  • Temporary Housing
  • Wheelchair Cleaning 
  • Home Infusion I.V. Service
  • Trust Officer
  • Case Manager
  • Spinal Care Products
  • Senior Pet Services
  • Senior Tours and Events



We Need The Following Services To Join Our Group

  • Acupuncturist
  • Alzheimer’s Support Group
  • American Lung Association
  • Arthritis Support Group
  • Caregiver Training
  • Chiropractor
  • Corrective Exercise 
  • CPR Training
  • Dentist
  • DNA Profiling
  • Health Facility Architect
  • Home Health Care (medical)
  • Hospital
  • Hospice Care
  • Interior Designer
  • Laboratory
  • Medical Equipment Sales / Service
  • Medical Facility Cleaning
  • Medical Facility Insurance Company
  • Medicare/Medicaid  Insurance
  • Naturopathic Doctor
  • Optometrist
  • Parkinson’s Therapy
  • Pharmacist
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pima Council on Aging
  • Primary Care Physician
  • Rehabilitation Facility
  • Residential Care Home
  • Senior Day Care
  • Senior Trade Association
  • Social Worker
  • Sports Medicine
  • Supplemental Disability Insurance
  • Urgent Care
  • X-ray Services


We only allow one service provider in each profession.  Referrals are a great way to generate business.  

 If you or anyone you know provides one of these services and would like to be considered for membership in our Senior Services Referral Group, please contact Bill Nordbrock at 481-5505 or [email protected]