Trust is Most Important

There is a common saying that people refer to people they “know, like and trust”.  I am not sure where the cliché came from, but it is not really true in many cases.  Consider these three examples:

Discount Tire has a great reputation.  As I was going up, many people I knew raved about them.  I heard several testimonials before I even owned a car.  I did not KNOW anyone who worked there, and certainly could not LIKE them since I did not know them, but I did TRUST the company.  I trusted them because I heard so many great testimonials.  I referred business to Discount Tire before I ever used them.  TRUST is all that was needed to generate referrals. 

Mark was good friends with Danny the Handyman.  Mark KNEW Danny and he LIKED him, but he did not TRUST him to take care of his clients.  Mark refused to refer any business to Danny, but they were still very good friends.  TRUST was the only factor when it came to generating referrals. 

I had a friend who was a graphic designer, and I KNEW, LIKED and TRUSTED him.  I met another graphic designer and looked at his website.  After seeing examples of his work, I knew he was the most talented graphic designer I had ever met.  There was a great opportunity to do a big graphic design project for a national company.  I referred it to the new guy that I did not KNOW, or know if I LIKED.  I referred it to him because I TRUSTED him more. 

If people TRUST you, they are more likely to refer business to you.  It is the single most important factor, and you can establish trust with people, before you ever meet them. 

Be sure everything you do creates a feeling of trust.  This includes your actions, appearance, conversations, and the passion in your voice.  How about the image your business cards and website create, or the people you associate with?  What about the way you answer the phone? 

People judge you in almost everything you do, and they need to trust you.  Try and create a great impression. 


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