Why refer business into your group?

Your referral group is a local economy, much like the city you live in.  As money is introduced into your group’s economy by way of referrals, members should choose to keep the money circulating in the economy.  They do that by spending the money with other members, and continuing to refer business to members of the network. 

When spent in the network, the money circulates over and over, and comes through all of the members’ businesses, including yours.  It allows all of us to generate more revenue, hire more people, and expand our businesses.  It allows us to plan for our retirement and provide a better life for our families.  The economy will be vibrant and healthy.  Member retention will be very high and everyone will want to join this economy.  Every time someone new joins, they will refer business and create opportunities for you.    

Conversely, money spent, or referrals sent outside the network benefits residents in a different economy, not yours.  Members in your group will never see any of those benefits.  The money will circulate over and over, but in a different economy and flow through the door of our competitors.      

Next time you find yourself buying something or referring business to someone outside of the network, stop! Find a local service provider in the network.  Keep the money in the group; keep it circulating through your business over and over.  

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