Convert Business You Lost

Consider the business you have done this year. Did you lose some business that you should have closed? If so, what could you have done differently? What would you do with the extra money if you had converted all of that lost business? 

A quick response time can make all the difference between closing a client, and losing them to your competition. You should monitor and respond to emails, texts and phone messages promptly. In addition, observe all channels people may use to send you business including Facebook and LinkedIn. If you go on vacation, forward your calls and emails to a co-worker who can respond promptly. 

Bad mouthing your competition is not going to impress anyone. It creates a negative impression of you and may cost you business. Some sales people think that slamming the competition will convince a client to do business with them. 

If you belong to a professional networking group, arrive early and stay late. Some of the best connections have happened before and after the meeting. It is important to attend all of your meetings. If a guest shows up one time and you miss that meeting, you may miss the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Listen to your client and understand what they want before you offer a solution. Understanding their needs allows you to offer the right solution. It is important to know who the decision maker is too. No matter how good your solution is, unless the decision maker hears it you may not close that business.   

Develop and implement an effective follow up plan. Sometimes you have to touch a relationship several times before it matures into its full potential. Vary your follow up techniques to include phone, text, email, handwritten cards, etc. This applies to both potential clients and referral partners too. 

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