Why does Tucson Business Club Exist

Why Do We Exist?

Before we talk about what TBC is, and what it does, let’s look at WHY it exists.  After all, there are dozens, if not scores, of networking options available in Tucson. Only a few are truly viable and offer incredible value to their members. Everyday there are more options to choose from.  Tucson certainly did not need another networking group, the market is saturated. 

All of us are consumers and we want to do business with those who provide Quality, Service and Value.  Most businesses do not deliver all three, only the “best of the best” do.   Yet, even the best of the best of businesses go out of business almost every day.  They do not survive for a variety of reasons.  Maybe they did not have unlimited marketing budgets.  Maybe they did not not adapt to a changing economy or to competitive threats quickly enough.  No matter what the reason, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Imagine if the "best of the best" got together periodically and shared best business practices, referred family friends and clients to each other.  What if they did everything they could to give each other a competitive advantage so they survived, and thrived, in any market condition?  Consumers would be left with more good choices, and everyone would win! 

That’s what TBC is.   We bring quality businesses together and teach them how to help each other.  That’s what TBC does.  There is no other professional referral group like it.  That is WHY TBC exists. 

Now, let’s talk about how TBC can help you generate business.  Call us at 505-3062

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