Why refer business into your networking group?

Spending money in the local economy is a good thing.  The money circulates over and over, comes back through some of our businesses, and generates the tax revenues we need for schools, roads, fire, police and other things.   

Conversely, money spent outside the local economy benefits residents of the other economy.  Likely the recirculation benefits are gone forever.   

An economy can be big, like America, or small, like the city you live in.  An economy can even be a micro economy, like the networking group you belong to, the Tucson Business Club. 

We have all heard the phrases “Buy American Made Products” or “Buy Local”. The fact of the matter is, the smaller the economy, the bigger the difference you will notice.  There is no smaller economy than your TBC chapter.  It is a micro economy in the truest form. 

Let’s look at how supporting members of the TBC can have a HUGE effect on your bottom line. 

Imagine you are 1 of 30 members in a Chapter, and all of you have $2,000 to spend.  You can either spend it with members in the group or with people outside your network. 

If all of you exchange the money with members of the group one time, collectively you generate $60,000 in business.  Do it again, and there is another $60,000.  One more time, and a total of $180,000 in business has been exchanged between the members.  Do it 10 times, and each member has generated $60,000 in business on average.  And, if you do the math, every member still has the original $2,000 in their pocket!

Worst case scenario, every member spends the $2,000 with someone outside the network.  All of the money would be gone instantly.    None of the members would generate ANY additional sales, and none of the members would have the $2,000 cash they started with.  The economy would be dead. 

When you are part of a micro economy like the TBC, it is CRITICALLY important you support members of that economy, even if you pay more for the service.  If you spend the money outside the economy, it costs you much more in the long run.        

Buying from TBC members is a win-win for all of us. Keep your money in our micro economy.  Next time you find yourself buying from someone outside the network, stop! Email me, and I will connect you with a great service provider in our network.   


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