Networking in Tucson: Must attend these 4 events. They are the best

People join various groups and associations for different reasons. If your primary purpose is to make quality connections and generate lots of closed referrals, these are four must-attend events for you. 

1. Referral Tree

This group has been around for 10 years and they do not advertise. You must know a member to be invited and they screen heavily for quality service providers and strong referring partners. If you drop the ball, you will be removed. The caliber of membership and volume of closed business is refreshing. You will notice it after your first meeting if you frequent other groups. The time required for meetings and cost of membership is much lower too. More more information, call Melissa at 520-505-3062.

2. Marana Chamber of Commerce

Tucson has more Chambers of Commerce than a city this size should ever have. Over the past decade, we have asked several hundred business owners which groups and associations they belong to. Then we ask which ones are working the best for them? As far as Chambers of Commerce go, the Marana Chamber is consistently reported as the one that delivers the best R.O.I. for the members. 

3. Tucson Business Club

This group has several chapters to choose from in Tucson. Most of their chapters have a niche market focus like "Commercial Referral Group" or "Healthcare Referral Group - Caring for Seniors". They do not allow home-based MLM businesses, and they too screen for quality of membership. This group generates solid warm referrals, not cold leads like other groups. Cost and time needed for meetings are much better than their competitors. 

4. Spotlight Tucson

This group makes the list not because of the business generated among the members. It makes the list because of the potential business you could generate from connections you make at their meetings. In fact, the meetings are more educational in nature, and not about exchanging business. Here you will find professionals you do not see at other events. High caliber connections with high powered potential. If you are a skilled strategic connector, this is a goldmine for you.


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