If you are looking for a good Tucson Networking Group, there are many options and no right answer for everyone. It really depends on what you are looking for. Most people join a networking group to get referrals. You must consider both the time and the money invest and you need a great return on that investment. Very few options at any price come close to the R.O.I. you will get at the Tucson Business Club. 



Quality Referring Partners Is The Difference

Bill Nordbrock had a unique vision when he formed this networking group almost ten years ago. According to Bill, this is why the Tucson Business Club is special.

Ten years ago I wanted to join a networking group, but could not find what was important to me. It did not exist, so I created it. We believe referrals are a great way to grow your business, but only if you do business with people you TRUST. Our members agree that it is better to make no recommendation than to make a bad one. As an organization, we refuse to admit members who have a bad reputation. We would rather refer them to our competition, which we do.  Reputations are on the line when referrals are exchanged and we take that very seriously. We are NOT a safe haven for mediocrity. There are dozens of other Tucson Networking Groups that will gladly accept that, but not the Tucson Business Club.

How We Generate More Closed Business For You

In most networking groups the members collect a lot of business cards, but not a lot of business. We do not exchange "leads", we pass on warm referrals. The power of our groups lies in the collective connections we have and the opportunities we can create. Our members do more for each other than members of any other networking group we are aware of. They create powerful strategic partnerships with each other. Speaking opportunities, press exposure, and online reviews are just a few of the other benefits. 

We have multiple chapters in Tucson with specific themes like the Commercial Referral Network and the Health Care Referral Network. Bringing together these power partners allows our chapters to generate roughly 600% more closed business than those of our largest competitors.


The Tucson Business Club is where the very best of the best come together to form a competitive advantage, and it works. This is the only reason WHY we exist. 


What Makes TBC Different (click image)


 Special Business Networking Groups

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Referral Tree 

Best Networking Group In Tucson

Every year we invite the very best referring partners from every chapter to this networking group. This chapter outperforms most other networking groups by more than 600%. There simply is no better networking group option at any price in Tucson. 

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Commercial Referral Group

 Best Commercial Networking Group

As a group, we target new and expanding businesses who own commercial property in Tucson. If you want quality commercial referrals, there is no better referral group for you. 

Healthcare Referral Group

 Best Healthcare Networking Group

This networking group is focused on healthcare professionals who work with seniors in transition. Only the "best of the best" are allowed into this referral group. Continued membership is dependant on positive feedback from the clients and the referral sources.